Liberty Bell is a social worker who also loves to write. She lives in Lincolnshire with her partner, children and assorted pets. She was surprised by the success of her first book 'Scotch on the Loch' which was inspired by a family holiday to Scotland and has written 'A Scottish Retreat' as a follow up.

Liberty often uses as inspiration some of the children she has worked with, hence the themes of loss and rejection in her work.

Liberty is currently working on a book set in Ireland which will be published shortly.

Liberty likes Earl Grey Tea and enjoys gardening and chatting to neighbours when she's not working,  writing or running her children around! We hope you enjoy her books.


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Lucy Ross is devastated when her relationship with lawyer, Sebastian, breaks down. Encouraged by her sister, Madeleine,she decides to embark on a new job promoting tourism and leaves London to start work in the remote western isles of Scotland. At first, she struggles with the rural landscape, lack of decent shopping and does not get off to a good start with her boss, the handsome but supercilious Rory MacDonald, but when you've hit rock bottom, things can only improve. A heart warming read. Press button for link to Amazon.

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Annabel Logan-Black is a London journalist who finds herself sent to Scotland to chase a story. She is asked by her editor to lie low during the phone hacking scandal, which means staying in Scotland for a least a month. She ends up working for a quiet, provincial paper but carries on writing her 'People' column from there. She finds that far from being dull, the place is full of intrigue but what happens when her real identity is discovered? And more importantly what will the man who has caught her eye think of her deception?


Alice Grant and Posy James are the best of friends and total opposites. Posy books a holiday for them to Ireland driving round in a horsedrawn gypsy caravan. When Posy dies suddently, Alice decides to go on the holiday anyway, only to find that Posy's boyfriend, Ciaran, had the same idea. The only problem is that Posy's mother  is convinced that Ciaran knows more about Posy's accident than he is letting on and Alice vows to find out what he is hiding...


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Chloe Charlesworth has to leave London just before Christmas , as her aunt Fenella has broken her leg. Fenella lives in Rum Cove in North Yorkshire where she runs a cafe and pony trekking centre.  Chloe is hoping to get a job in fashion journalism, so a trip to Yorkshire just before Christmas too, is very inconvenient. She plans to stay the weekend and make sure that Fenella, her farm and cafe are all taken care of. However, she finds herself gradually falling under the spell of this magical place...

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