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We are a small publishing company specialising in ebooks and supporting a range of authors including Clemency Bell, Scarlett Brodie, Liberty Bell and Charlie De Luca. All authors' work is available on Kindle.


Our authors...

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Liberty Bell-  author of 'Scotch on the Loch', 'A Scottish Retreat' and 'The Posy Project.'

Scarlett Brodie- author of the evocative 'Friends Reunited'

Liberty and Scarlett have combined to write a Christmas novella, 'Christmas at the Contraband Cafe' ,so don't miss it!

Charlie de Luca- author of racing thrillers 'Rank Outsiders' ,'The Gift Horse' and 'Twelve in the Sixth.'


Books to curl up and read with a cup of your favourite brew...

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We hope you are all well after the bad weather. Spring is coming!

Here we are all very busy, particularly our authors.

Exciting news! Missing in Millfield is OUT NOW! Scarlett has been working ard with My Cup of Tea Press.


'Missing In Millfield' is a cosy crime book featuring a crime fighting psychologist. Set in the Derbyshire dales, Liddy Grey, psychologist, accidentally embarks on a sideline as a detective and soon has several cases, the most pressing of which is finding a missing school girl.

Throw in a lonely horse, an allotment thief and

several local, colourful characters, and you have a

warm, humorous, cosy crime novel, which fans of

MC Beaton and Debbie Young will enjoy. Available on kindle.