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Charlie de Luca works in Education but was brought up in the country on a stud farm. Charlie's father was a permit holder who had a lot of success in National Hunt racing.

Charlie has fond memories of learning to ride and then attending almost every racecourse in Britain by the age of 10, as racing was a family passion.

Charlie writes a bit, is passionate about education and literacy and horses.

Charlie lives in Lincolnshire with  variety of pets, children and several retired racehorses.

Charlie hates posh teas preferring a cup of Yorkshire tea or Typhoo!

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When social worker, Poppy Ford, takes over a new case, a young man in care who happens to work in a racing yard, she finds herself trying to save his good name. She teams up with stable jockey, Tristan Davies, to help prove his innocence when he is suspected to trying to stop a horse running. Poppy is also working with two girls who regularly go missing from care. Tristan and Poppy find that these young people are all linked together in a complex situation with very dangerous consequences.

Charlie Durrant is delighted to ride for ex Bond girl, Caroline Regan but surprised when he is asked to help her granddaughter, Tara, navigate the world of horse racing,as she is buying her a racehorse as a gift. The horse is slow at home, but wins on the racecourse.

Tara Regan is a psychologist who has a client who is a gambling addict. He hints that her horse's win was not what it seemed. Charlie and Tara join forces to find out what is going on only to find themselves in great danger.


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When jockey, Jed Cavedish, picks up his fellow jockey, Eddie O'Neill's phone and hears the strange message, 'Twelve in the Sixth', he thinks it is a crank call. When Eddie is later seriously injured in a car accident, he is not so sure. The police think that Eddie was dehydrated and simply passed out at the wheel, but Jed decides to enlist the help of a biochemist, Imogen James, to prove otherwise. Imogen has issues of her own and the pair are thrown together in order to find out the truth. Soon, they realise that not only is Eddie's life in danger, their lives are in jeopardy too.

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Finn McCarthy is an ex jockey who has recently retired. He starts a job as a jockey coach, mentoring conditional jockeys in North Yorkshire. It is a role close to his heart as he knows only too well, how youngsters can be exploited by unscrupulous trainers. Finn is enthusiastic about his new role, but he begins to wonder what is happening when his conditionals are involved in a series of strange incidents.

A young jockey, Sam Foster, is beaten up shortly after winning a race. Finn thinks this is due to a disgruntled punter, but when another lad, Connor Moore, is involved in a hit and run and then Sam goes missing, he decides to investigate further. Helped by Harriet Lucas, the pair soon find that no one is above suspicion and suddenly they are in grave danger.

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