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The Posy Project Is FREE until Friday 4th May!

By mycupoftea press, May 2 2018 07:15PM

This book by Liberty Bell is FREE until 4/5/18.

Alice Grant and Posy James are the best of friendsand total opposites.They always go away together in he Summer, somewhere hot, when Posy decides to do something different. Posy books a holiday for them to Ireland driving around in a horse drawn Gypsy caravan and seems very set on this. When tragedy strikes and Posy dies suddenly in a car accident, Alice decides to go on the holiday anyway, only to find that Posy's boyfriend Ciaran, has had the same idea.Alice isn't sure about him and thinks she should just make the best of it, when doubts crowd in. Posy's mother is convinced that Ciaran knowsmore about Posy's accident than he is letting on and Alice vows to find out what he is hiding...

Praise for The Posy Project

Thought provoking and unusual.

Well plotted and charming!

A nother good read from Liberty Bell!

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