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'Making Allowances' is OUT on 7/7/18. Order now!

By mycupoftea press, Jul 3 2018 03:55PM

I'm delighted to announce that Charlie De Luca's 'Making Allowances' is OUT on 7/7/18.

Finn McCarthy is a jockey coach who starts a new job coaching National Hunt jockeys, after retiring from the sport he loves. When strange things start to happen to his conditionals, one is beaten up, another is the victim of a hit and run and he suspects another of taking drugs, he begins to wonder what is going on.

When the same jockey, Sam Foster, who was beaten up, disappears, he decides to investigate further.

Assisted by Hattie, the pair embark on an investigation, only to find that they are in grave danger themselves.

Thrilling and fast paced.

A sure winner!

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