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I'm already for the National Hunt season and have splashed out on some new clothes ready for those race meetings! Jumps is back! Can't wait!

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Last chance for FREE book!

The Road to Shamrock Hill is a thriliing romance with lots of twists and turns. A great read !

Alice goes on a holiday on her own following the death of her best friend Posy. Posy arranged the holiday for them both, travelling around Southern Ireland in a gypsy caravan. She had been so keen to go that Allice is intrigued enough to go on her own. Besides, her own life has hit rock bottom. Alice arrives in Ireland to find that Posy's boyfriend, Ciaran Byrne, has had the same idea. Posy's mother believes that Ciaran knows far more about Posy's death than he is letting on. Alice is very wary of him but strangely fascinated at the same time...

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Alice Grant is grieving for her friend Posy, who died in a car accident. However, she decides to go on the holiday they had planned together, alone. They had planned to tour Southern Ireland in a horse drawn gypsy caravan for two weeks. Except when she gets there, Posy's boyfriend arrives. It seems that he had the same idea. Alice is instantly wary. Ciaran Byrne was a recent boyfriend and Alice thinks he knows more about Posy's death than he is letting on. Was Posy's death really an accident ? As the holiday progresses, she begins to wonder if her own life is in danger...

A romantic thriller from Liberty Bell.

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Last Saturday Charlie de Luca attended the Derby Book Festival. There was an illuminating talk on Derbyshire Noir . That's it you see, you may not consider that the streets of Derby are mean streets but that's exactly what they are if you listen to crime writers Stephen Booth, Steven Dunne, Sarah Ward and Roz Watkins.

Charlie said,' It's the 3rd Deby festival I've been to and it didn't disappoint. As usual there's something for everyone. The Noir talk was brilliant and I learned a great deal about the county, its folklore and possibilites for a writer.'

IThe festival still has a weekend to run, children can meet the gruffalo on Saturday 17th and there's even a writers' den event at Derby Uni on the same day as well as several talks about the business of writing at Derby quad. Well worth a visit we say!

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The first of our FREE ebooks will be ready for you to download from Mon 19th June.

The Road to Shamrock Hill, a thrilling romance is a must have summer read set in Engliand and Ireland. Why not treat yourself and curl up with a good read? Click on amazon or on the following link:

Happy reading!

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