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By mycupoftea press, Jun 4 2017 04:51PM

Check out Charlie's new book, Twelve in the Sixth. When jockey, Jed Cavendish, picks up his fellow jockey, Eddie O'Neill's, phone and hears the message 'Twelve in the Sixth' he thinks it is a crank call. When Eddie is seriously injured in a car accident, he is not so sure. The police think that Eddie was merely dehydrated and passed out at the wheel as a result, but Jed is not so sure and enlists the help of biochemist, Imogen James. Imogen has issues of her own and the are thrust together in a bid to find out what is going on. Soon, they realise that not only is Eddie's life in danger, but so are their's. A gripping racing thriller from he author of Rank Outsiders and The Gift Horse.

By mycupoftea press, Jun 4 2017 03:50PM

Check out Liberty's new book The Road to Shamrock Hill.

Set in Yorkshire and Ireland, this is an evocative book about loss and grief.

Posy and Alice are the bes of friends and every year they go on holidy together. Posy books a holiday to Ireland driving aound in a horse drawn gypsy caravan. However, when Posy dies, Alice decides to go on the holiday herself only to find that Posy's boyfriend has had the same idea. Ciaran Byrne is charming but lice can't help wonder if heknws more abou Posy's death than he is letting on... Warm nd charming, a satisfying read!

By mycupoftea press, Aug 8 2016 01:16PM

This heartwarming book about a journalist, Annabel, who is sent to Scotland to avoid the police inquiry into malpractice. Initially she finds the place to be remote and very dull. The problem is that she still has to write her column for her newspaper, The Informer, but what can she write about? She finds material when she gets to know the locals and finds that perhaps Glenloch is not the sleepy backwater she had imagined. But what happens when the natives find out what she has been writing about and how will this discovery effect her burgeoning relationships?

By mycupoftea press, Jul 18 2016 06:29PM

This is a gripping story about Lucy, a girl who leaves London heartbroken when her relationship fails. She decides to work in Scotland which is an absolute contrast to London. The scenery is beautiful but how will she cope with the isolation and lack of shopping, not to mention the weather.?

Lucy finds that just as she begins to settle down and starts to think its not as bad as she first thought, f ates conspire against her again.

A great read.

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