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By mycupoftea press, Jun 16 2017 10:44AM

Last Saturday Charlie de Luca attended the Derby Book Festival. There was an illuminating talk on Derbyshire Noir . That's it you see, you may not consider that the streets of Derby are mean streets but that's exactly what they are if you listen to crime writers Stephen Booth, Steven Dunne, Sarah Ward and Roz Watkins.

Charlie said,' It's the 3rd Deby festival I've been to and it didn't disappoint. As usual there's something for everyone. The Noir talk was brilliant and I learned a great deal about the county, its folklore and possibilites for a writer.'

IThe festival still has a weekend to run, children can meet the gruffalo on Saturday 17th and there's even a writers' den event at Derby Uni on the same day as well as several talks about the business of writing at Derby quad. Well worth a visit we say!

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