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Beating the winter blues!

By mycupoftea press, Jan 21 2018 01:48PM

It's snowing as I wrte this blog post, freezing and as we're all on diets, comfort eating is out of the question too!

How do we beat the post Christmas blues, when our excesses of Christmas, both food and expenditure, come back to bite us, it's dark in the mornings and freezing.

Here are some pointers from my colleagues.

-Book a hoiiday, somewhere hot!

- Eat healthily, lots of fruit and veg. It's time to dig out the slow cooker and cook some hearty stews.

-Join an exercise class. Exercise is a great mood enhancer! If you can't bear the gym, how about Zumba?

-Challenge yourself. One colleague and her family are doing a 25 mile walk in a few months. She is in training already as she doesn't want to let the side down.

-Get out in the fresh air to get some of that light . It can really help improve your mood. Or get a SAD lamp. You may have seasonal affective disorder due to the lack of sunlight. SAD light boxes can help. These are relatively cheap and effective.

-Take new online class in anything that takes your fancy. Online courses are really popular and some of them are really good and inexpensive. Udemy springs to mind as a good source of inspiration. You can even gain qualifications.

-Plan lots of get togethers and fun times.

-Never fear, lighter nights will soon be here!

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