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An interview with Liberty Bell- author of Scotch on the Loch in 300 words!

By mycupoftea press, Jul 17 2016 09:08AM

I met Liberty in a cafe in York in bright sunshine.

Scotch on the Loch is FREE 18-22 July on amazon

How did you start writing?

I love reading and thought I'd like to try it,so I began writing short pieces then more and more and eventually I'd finished the book!

How do yout work full time and manage to write?

You just need to be organised but even then anyone can find 30 minutes a day to write, even if it's before you go to sleep!

What is the basic story of Scotch on the Loch?

It is about a heartbroken London girl who goes to Scotland to work and falls in love. There is also loss and grief in there too. The inspiration was a holiday in Scotland when it rained and rained. Hence the comments about the poor shopping, it really was like that! It was beautiful though and a greatt setting for romance!

Scotch on the Loch is FREE 18-22nd of July on Amazon!

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