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By mycupoftea press, May 15 2018 06:14PM

Scarlett Brodie has just published her new thriller, Missing in Millfield.

A Missing school girl from a sleepy village

More than just a teenage strop thinks psychologist LIddy Grey , who knows Saffy as a client. But DS Rossi disagrees. And this isn't the only problem in the village, throw in :

- a hit and run accident

- a lonely racehorse

-the case of the missing marrows

- a mad Irish mother-in-law

and LIddy really has her work cut out to discover just what is really going on in Millfield.

For fans of classic cozy mysteries everywhere, Missing in Millfield is a warm, humorous read.

It is available on Amazon now!

By mycupoftea press, May 2 2018 07:15PM

This book by Liberty Bell is FREE until 4/5/18.

Alice Grant and Posy James are the best of friendsand total opposites.They always go away together in he Summer, somewhere hot, when Posy decides to do something different. Posy books a holiday for them to Ireland driving around in a horse drawn Gypsy caravan and seems very set on this. When tragedy strikes and Posy dies suddenly in a car accident, Alice decides to go on the holiday anyway, only to find that Posy's boyfriend Ciaran, has had the same idea.Alice isn't sure about him and thinks she should just make the best of it, when doubts crowd in. Posy's mother is convinced that Ciaran knowsmore about Posy's accident than he is letting on and Alice vows to find out what he is hiding...

Praise for The Posy Project

Thought provoking and unusual.

Well plotted and charming!

A nother good read from Liberty Bell!

By mycupoftea press, Mar 29 2018 08:17PM

I love Easter and am really looking forward to the time off to spend with my family and friends. I am looking forward to eating some gorgeous chocolate too!

My Cup of Tea Press staff are going to be busy doing various family things such as going to the races, eating, going for walks in the country and holding an Easter Egg hunt.

Just a reminder that our authors are very busy writing and we are editing.Scarlett Brodie's 'Missing in Millfield'is almost ready and Charlie De Luca is getting on with 'Making Allowances.'

We will let you know the minute we have any further news!

We would like to wish all our readers and authors a very Happy Easter!

From all at My Cup of Tea Press!


By mycupoftea press, Mar 14 2018 06:49PM

Scarlett Brodie's 'Missing in Mayfield' is nearly ready for release. It's a cosy crime book featuring psychologist, Liddy Grey. One of her young charges goes missing and the race is on to find her...

Check back here for further details!

By mycupoftea press, Jan 21 2018 01:48PM

It's snowing as I wrte this blog post, freezing and as we're all on diets, comfort eating is out of the question too!

How do we beat the post Christmas blues, when our excesses of Christmas, both food and expenditure, come back to bite us, it's dark in the mornings and freezing.

Here are some pointers from my colleagues.

-Book a hoiiday, somewhere hot!

- Eat healthily, lots of fruit and veg. It's time to dig out the slow cooker and cook some hearty stews.

-Join an exercise class. Exercise is a great mood enhancer! If you can't bear the gym, how about Zumba?

-Challenge yourself. One colleague and her family are doing a 25 mile walk in a few months. She is in training already as she doesn't want to let the side down.

-Get out in the fresh air to get some of that light . It can really help improve your mood. Or get a SAD lamp. You may have seasonal affective disorder due to the lack of sunlight. SAD light boxes can help. These are relatively cheap and effective.

-Take new online class in anything that takes your fancy. Online courses are really popular and some of them are really good and inexpensive. Udemy springs to mind as a good source of inspiration. You can even gain qualifications.

-Plan lots of get togethers and fun times.

-Never fear, lighter nights will soon be here!

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