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We are a small publishing company specialising in ebooks and supporting a range of authors including Clemency Bell, Scarlett Brodie, Liberty Bell and Charlie De Luca. All authors' work is available on Kindle. We also specialise in a range of writing aids and tips to help foster the creative spirit.


Our authors...

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Liberty Bell-  author of 'Scotch on the Loch' and 'A Scottish Retreat.'

Scarlett Brodie- author of the evocative 'Friends Reunited'

Charlie de Luca- author of racing thrillers 'Rank Outsiders' and 'The Gift Horse'.


Books to curl up and read with a cup of your favourite brew...

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LATEST NEWS-  Our authors have been very busy! New for 2017!


Liberty Bell has a new book out 'The Road to Shamrock Hill.' A great romantic thriller. 

Charlie de Luca has a new racing thriller out- 'Twelve in the Sixth'.

Both are available on Amazon so check them out!  

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